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Sage Reels

Anglers who have fished reels rank them among the finest in the world. Built with the same commitment to craftsmanship quality materials and innovation you've come to expect from Sage rods with the cutting edge of modern reel design. All Sage fly reels come with an unconditional lifetime warranty. (More Info)


Lamson Reels

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Budget reels. (more)


Okuma Reels

Okuma Fly Reels are setting the standard for what can be expected for a quality reel at an affordable price. Whether you are a newcomer to the sport or a seasoned pro, looking for something new, these are an incredible reels at an unbelievable price! (More Info)




Hardy Ultralite CLS  Fly Reel

Hardy Ultralite CLS Fly Reel

A stylish and classy cassette fly reel, the Hardy Ultralite CLS 7000 Fly Reel is packed full of features like the Hardy Line ID system which utilises moveable, reuseable pins to mark the line type.

The Ultralite CLS Reel uses a "cassette locking system" which instantly locks/unlocks the spool into place at the flick of ...[more]

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